Noor Nahas

Founder, Editor, and Researcher

Noor Nahas is a researcher focused on open-source investigation, social media, and finding new ways of tracking global changes in the world using basic open-source tools.

Noor has previously written for Bellingcat, trained teams and professionals on using OSINT, and worked with researchers and journalists to track and investigate deforestation and environmental disasters around the world.

He can be followed on Twitter @NoorNahas1.

Jett Goldsmith

Founder, Editor, and Researcher

Jett Goldsmith is a civil society researcher, conflict analyst, and investigator based in Denver, Colorado.

His work has focused on the nature of the Syrian state and various substate structures, the dynamics of conflict and wartime society in Syria, and the impact of disinformation operations on digital and human ecosystems.

He can be followed on Twitter @JettGoldsmith.

Arslon Xudosi

Founder and Researcher

Arslon Xudosi is an independent researcher focused on Syrian Turkmen, foreign fighters in Syria and Ukraine, and arms research in Syria and Europe.

He can be followed on Twitter @Arslon_Xudosi.

Patrick Hilsman

Researcher and Field Reporter

Patrick Hilsman is a freelance journalist and researcher who covers drone proliferation and human rights issues. He was a researcher on the Al-Jazeera documentary “The Search for Assad’s Executioners“, and has covered the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts in the field.

He can be followed on Twitter @PatrickHilsman.