About Offbeat

Open-source, online investigations covering the unconventional.

Offbeat Research was conceptualized in 2019 to provide a platform for independent researchers and online analysts who have spent their time, energy, and expertise producing investigations which would otherwise be rejected by mainstream outlets.

With years of experience in online investigations and open-source research, our team is committed to producing rigorous, offbeat stories which emphasize social media and open-source investigation to explore niche, novel, or otherwise unexplored ideas.

Offbeat Research encourages anyone interested to reach out for publication. No matter the angle or the subject of focus, if you have an investigative pitch which you believe would fit our site, please reach out to our editors.

Offbeat is entirely self-funded, and we can’t match the budget of larger media organizations, but we still believe researchers should be paid appropriately for their expertise and hard work.

We offer two flat rates:

100 USD for articles 1000 words and up.

200 USD for articles 2000 words and up.

A donation (either to Médecins Sans Frontières International or to a charity of your choice) will be made for those who do not wish to take payment.

Pitches: admin@offbeatresearch.com