Resistance Group Activity in Syria

As territorial control of Syria stabilizes between various factions of the civil war, parties engaging in the governance of territory under their control have been faced with the continuous growth of clandestine resistance organizations in Syria.

These groups operate in theaters outside their immediate governing control, and engage in destabilizing activities in order to reassert and reorient spheres of control throughout Syria. Some groups exist as sleeper cells in their area of operations, while others maintain a centralized base of operations while engaging in flexible destabilization efforts.

Since the re-imposition of Assad regime control over much of central and southern Syria, many resistance groups have seen a significant uptick in activity, carrying out assassinations and other clandestine operations under the auspices of technical repression by the intelligence services of the Syrian state.

Criminologist Jens Hittrien has compiled a list of currently and formerly active resistance groups across Syria, along with several key statistics for each group. This list will be periodically updated to reflect new groups and activities in Syria as the conflict progresses.

At the author’s request, a donation of $25 has been made to One Ummah Charity for the publication of this chart.

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